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Alinor Capital Management LLP is a MIFID authorised asset manager based in London

General disclaimer:

Alinor Capital Management LLP (“Alinor Capital”) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 1000103) and incorporated as a limited liability partnership in England and Wales number OC448165 with its registered office at 20 North Audley Street, London W1K 6WE. This website and the content contained therein is aimed at professional investors.

Additional notices

The Financial Reporting Council’s (“FRC”) UK Stewardship Code (the “Code”) sets out a series of principles relevant to institutional asset managers, owners and service providers. The Code is voluntary. Rule 2.2.3R of the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) Conduct of Business Sourcebook (“COBS”) requires an FCA authorised firm to disclose the nature of its commitment to the Code or, where it does not commit to the Code, its alternative investment strategy. With a strategy focussed on the stressed and distressed products of Europe (across asset classes and markets), the prospect of Alinor Capital investing in individual UK listed equities is considered limited. Accordingly, and while Alinor Capital supports the principles of the Code, it does not consider it of material relevance to its business or that it would be appropriate to formally conform to the Code at this time.

Rule 2.2B.5R of COBS, implementing certain requirements of the Shareholder Rights Directive (“SRDII”), requires an FCA authorised firm to publicly disclose either its “engagement policy” (as defined in COBS, but which broadly relates to the integration of shareholder engagement in its investment strategy ) or its explanation of why it has chosen not to comply with such engagement policy requirements. Again, while Alinor Capital firmly supports the requirements of and the objectives underlying SRDII, it does not consider that its investment strategy (which does not include any material focus on shares traded on EEA or other comparable markets) renders it appropriate to conform to the COBS or SRDII engagement policy requirements at this time.